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The only way to earn our customer’s trust is to deliver their cargo on time and in good condition. To us, that’s the definition of reliability. And the only way to achieve it is to consistently keep downtime to an absolute minimum. Our experience has taught us that there are three main factors that prevent breakdowns and downtime.


Unlike many other distribution centres, our split warehouse gives us the capacity to cross-dock and store multiple products at different temperatures at the same time. That means you don’t need to scramble at the last minute looking for a place to store shipments that have arrived earlier than expected. It also gives you the option to consolidate all of your storage and trucking with a single logistics provider for optimal efficiency and cost savings.


Our drivers are experienced professionals who look, dress and act the part. Most of them have been with us since 2005. And we ensure that our trucks and trailers look every bit as professional as our drivers. In addition to being set to the perfect temperature according to its cargo, each trailer is pressure-washed clean after each delivery.


No company can guarantee that problems won’t occur on the road. But we can guarantee flawless communication so that you always know your cargo’s whereabouts. Our drivers call in with a progress report every morning; we then proactively email our customers with a location update and any other information they require.


Contact Blue Trans today and tell us what matters most to you in a transportation logistics provider.

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